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Hi, We are Atasay

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To offer accessible Jewelry that adds value to every moment of life.


  • We remain a pioneering brand in the industry with the strength of our unique designs and production capacity.We continue to preserve our historical heritage and corporate culture.
  • We aim to make our customers feel happy and special with our reasonable price and innovative approach.
  • We strive to offer an Atasay product that is unique to every culture and age.
  • We share, earn and contribute.
  • In 2017, we launched our slogan #DontCareJustWear to empower women and support their unique approach to life and success.

“We have a very special reason for being here. Around the world, women are empowered more and more every day, and this trend is spreading rapidly around the globe. Our “Don’t Care Just Wear’’ campaign, which is reflecting Atasay’s DNA, tell women to overcome obstacles set by the social environment and make their own choices freely. At Atasay, we have always been a supporter of progressive women and have gathered together today to celebrate women’s power”

CEO Atasay Kamer

Corporate Values

  • At Atasay, our priority is to add value to the lives of our customers.
  • We are respectful of social values and open to change and development.
  • Integrity and impartiality play a vital role in all our relations.
  • We behave ethically and have a rich competitive understanding
  • We protect our natural resources and historical heritage and add value to the future.
  • We apply openness to learning and teaching as a business policy and take care to progress in this direction.
  • We adopt the principle of continuous education for our employees and business partners and invest in their future.
  • We appreciate criticism and find in it an opportunity to learn and improve.
  • We thus take the feedback of our customers very seriously
  • We value our employees and base our relationships on love and respect.
  • We are aware of our social responsibilities and prioritize the support of the education sector


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