Things to Know Before Buying Earrings for Kids in blog | Atasay in UAE Things to Know Before Buying Earrings for Kids in blog | Atasay in UAE

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Things to Know Before Buying Earrings for Kids

With all the love in the world that we have for our children, we want to add to their happiness everyday. One of the ways to do so is to get them a pair of cute earrings to add to their outfit and also become a memory of their childhood. There are a few things to consider when shopping for Kids Jewelry, since they are young and have sensitive skin, we will provide some advice on how to buy the ideal pieces and introduce them to your young one.


The first step would be getting a piercing in a highly hygienic and experienced location. The procedure must be properly done, with all the equipment sanitized at all times. You might have to be prepared for some tears, but many kids are too excited to feel more like adults by getting their ears pierced. In order to maintain the pierced wound, we recommend to cleanse it on a daily basis by tapping the area lightly with a disinfecting solution.


Safety comes first in every scenario. Make sure that the child is mature enough to wear earrings responsibly. Especially if they are old enough to understand that the earrings can be easily taken off, and that the earrings are not meant to go anywhere except on the ears. In order to avoid any risky situations, always keep checking that the clips of the earrings are tightly sealed and are not loose.


Another possibility to consider is that some children may be allergic to certain precious metals, which includes gold and silver. We suggest to start with small earrings, test them out for a week, to make sure that no allergic reactions such as rash, itch, or redness will appear on their skin. If you do notice such changes, remove the earrings immediately and apply anti-histamine cream. In this case do not get upset that your child will not be able to wear gold or silver, just examine the components of the metal carefully and try something slightly different next time.


Regarding the shape and size of the earrings, of course it should be a miniature and elegant design. We recommend simple stud earrings. They are easy to put on, comfortable to wear, and can be removed by adults without complications. Once your child gets used to studs, then you can excite them more by getting more intricate designs of bigger sizes.


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