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Symbolism of Rings

The first rings were found in tombs dating back to 2500 BC. Rings became more popular during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, where the designs became more complex. Greek and Roman Empires caught up with the trend during the first two centuries of AD. Throughout history the aim of rings was to represent everything from devotion, fidelity and eternity, to the depiction of a deity. However, rings are most known for signifying love in engagements and weddings.
The symbolism of the rings depends on the shape, size, and allocation on the fingers. For different cultures and religions symbolism of rings may vary, however some do share commonalities. Let’s have a look at a few interesting types of rings and their symbolism!
Birthstone rings are usually minimal slim-banded rings created to represent the month in which the wearer was born. For instance, the birthstone for January is a Garnet, while June’s stone is a Pearl or Alexandrite.
Eternity rings are meant to epitomize eternity between two partners; they are slightly different from engagement rings but are usually presented together.
Key rings were common during the Roman Empire, which were literally rings with a key. Asa wearer of a key ring, the owner demonstrated his dominance in the family by having access to the family valuables.
One of the most unique rings are mood rings, as they contain a thermochromic element, such as liquid crystal. The mood will be reflected on the ring based upon the temperature of the wearer. For instance, when the ring is blue, the wearer is calm and relaxed. However, the black color of the gem represents nervousness and tension.
Throughout the years, jewelers have come up with dozens of symbols for ring designs. It is all up to the wearer what is more important to them – symbolism, aesthetics, or both. What do you prefer?


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