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18 Karat Gold Rings

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Showing 1–16 of 73 results

Showing 1–16 of 73 results

Acquire The Best Glamorous 18 Karat Gold Rings Online At Atasay

As the name implies, a gold necklace with multiple layers is identified as a gold layered necklace. Gold layered necklaces are a savior if you have to deck up for an event but you are not particularly keen on the idea of heavy jewellery. At Atsay, you can easily find eye-catching 18 karat gold layered necklaces from our new collection.

So, which one has caught your eye today?

Buy Gleaming 18 Karat Gold Rings Online At Atasay

The passionate relationship between women and gold jewellery has always been evolving throughout many centuries. Since historical times, the making gold jewelry is a rigorous process; it starts from heating and melting the gold metal to casting, moulding, and sculpting amazing designs on them.

At Atasay, we don’t just create gold layered necklaces, we create dreams and aspirations that our customers value more than anything else. Every sparkling necklace, designed skillfully by combining multi-fold details and appealing designs, celebrates our customers’ dreams.

Being able to layer your gold necklaces to create unique designs and combinations is an exciting opportunity to create something of your own. Moreover, it could an ideal option for a gift, that will leave your loved one in awe for a long time.

Extensive Range Of 18 Karat Gold Rings In Dubai – UAE

Atasay’s 18 karat gold layered necklace collection is all about embracing love and creating sparkling looks. Whether single or layered Atasay necklaces add mystery, personality, and elegance to any outfit.

You can wear a mix of turquoise stones or iridescent pearls necklace for a bohemian feel. Or you can choose to layer up with a tri-colour gold beads layered necklace featuring a minimalistic and hefty look. Atasay’s discrete pieces of gold jewelery collection are versatile, and understated enough, to be worn every day.

At Atasay, we also feature a collection of exquisite simple gold layered necklaces, suitable for a woman with a more subdued and classic style. Our necklaces are easy-going, graceful and authentic.

Glittering Collection Of 18 Karat Gold Rings Online In UAE

At Atasay, not only will you find your preferred choice of 18 karat gold layered necklace from our extensive range of collection, but you will find them at affordable price as well. Gold layered necklace pricing online is quite competitive; Atasay brings you the perfect range of gold layered necklaces to suit all types of budgets and to let you enhance your look whether for work or festivities!

Atasay offers an overabundance of gold jewelry products from its endless collections, you can easily buy gold necklaces in Dubai online. Explore our products, wear them and strike a pose!


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