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Jewelry Wedding Trends

When we hear about weddings, we envision the bride in a wedding dress, fancy shoes, andĀ of course her engagement ring. However, there are so many more details that play anĀ essential role in creating the ideal bride look. In this article we will explore a few trends ofĀ fine jewelry that will make the wedding even more magical. Every year the styles and theĀ trends for wedding looks change, and weā€™re here to keep you updated!
In jewelry rings, there are various types of stone settings. One of the most popular type isĀ bezel setting. It is a base which wraps around the base of the stone. It helps maximize theĀ appearance of the stone, and has a more mature look.
Statement earrings are always a chic addition highlighting your facial features. They can beĀ in form of minimalistic diamond earrings, abstract-shaped, pearl hoop earrings and more.Ā Colored stones are gaining popularity for engagement rings, especially if combined withĀ diamonds. The stone can be placed in the central position, on the side, or as a halo toĀ achieve individuality and vibrancy. Beautiful and eye-catching engagement rings can beĀ created with rubies, amethysts, sapphires, and aquamarines.
Necklaces are meant to make the neckline look even more elegant. Usually it is somethingĀ minimalistic that will compliment their dress. It can be worn in form of a multi-layeredĀ necklace or even a delicate choker.
Overall, the wedding trends are leaning towards simple statement jewelry pieces. The key isĀ to do it with style!


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