Hit of the Season: Multilayered Jewelry Trends in blog | Atasay in UAE Hit of the Season: Multilayered Jewelry Trends in blog | Atasay in UAE

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Hit of the Season: Multilayered Jewelry Trends

From layers of gold chains to chunky, retro pendants paired with chokers, layering your necklaces has become an art that our favorite “it” girls and bloggers have mastered in the past months. It may sound quite simple to wear multiple necklaces, however in order to make a statement there are some smart tricks to stylize your neckline.

You can create a chic look by mixing and matching various style chains, so that each piece will stand out. As a starting point, a coin or any unique pendant necklace would be the perfect focal point. From there proceed with the layering; you can add different lengths of necklaces, giving each one a moment to shine.

For chunkier jewelry, similar to a choker or a short piece with many pendants that can be even worn alone, styling can also be applied. Mix it up with some less impactful necklaces to create a stunning look.

If you do not have a standout piece that could be layered further, then we can always keep it simple. Select a few necklaces of similar style but slightly differing designs and lengths and give it a go! You will end up with a minimalist, yet elegant look that will match any outfit!

There is more: you can always apply the same tips and tricks to bracelets! Most importantly, make sure to maintain a balance and not just wear everything at once. If you decide to layer your neckline, then be sure to keep your hands only slightly accessorized.


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