How to Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling? in blog | Atasay in UAE How to Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling? in blog | Atasay in UAE

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How to Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling?

Selecting and buying diamond jewelry that can last for generations to come is one of the most exciting experiences! What is even more thrilling is to see the smile of happiness on the faces of your loved ones, who were surprised with such a gift. However, you will have to invest some time into maintaining the diamonds to keep the sparkle for the years to come. We will share with you tips that are safe to try at home to maintain the original charm of the gemstone.

  1. By doing some basic cleaning procedures on a daily basis, you will surely keep the diamond shimmering. Rub the diamond against a soft piece of cloth after the day is done and you are ready to take it off.
  2. At least once a month, soak the stone in a mixture of dishwasher liquid and water. Use a soft toothbrush to gently rub off any of the residue collected on the surface of the diamond. Another option would be to use ammonia (i.e. window cleaner) mixed with cold water. After soaking it for half an hour, leave the diamond out to dry. Make sure to only do this with real diamonds, as ammonia might damage other stones.
  3. Baking soda is a great option for keeping all jewelry clean, including your precious diamonds. Mix a cup of warm water with 2 table spoons of baking soda and soak the stones for a few minutes. Following the steps, dry it them with a soft cloth and you are ready to go!
  4. It is important to keep your diamonds away from cosmetics. And by that we mean exposure to any hair sprays, perfumes, and deodorants, as they leave residue on the diamond surface. Such substances create buildup and dull down the sparkle of the diamond.
  5. Avoid showering while wearing diamond jewelry. The use of shampoos and hair conditioners also impact the original look of the diamond.

Most importantly, treat diamonds with love so they can love you back. Keep them shining so they shine with you throughout the days and years to come.


Yours Truly,

Atasay MENA


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