Romantic Gift Ideas for Her: It's all about the experience! in blog | Atasay in UAE Romantic Gift Ideas for Her: It's all about the experience! in blog | Atasay in UAE

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Romantic Gift Ideas for Her: It’s all about the experience!

The ways to surprise our loved ones have no creative boundaries. No matter whether it is a special occasion or just a casual random gift, our goal is to make them feel special and appreciated. There are no budgets for a great surprise, as long as it is meaningful and prepared with love. Jewelry is one best gift ideas as it is limitless; it is suitable for any age, style preference, and budget. We will be giving you some tips on how to surprise HER – our beloved women and create ever-lasting memories

Number 1: Listen to Her

Number one tip is – listen to her. When preparing a gift, we always want to make sure it is relevant to her taste and that she will actually wear it. Pay close attention to what she looks at when striding past shops in a mall, conversations with her friends and even with you! Once the mystery is uncovered, you can start planning the surprise.

Number 2: Create an experience

Tip number two – create an experience! It is not always about the gift itself, rather than the process of gifting it. There are so many ways this can be done, for instance, you can leave a trail of notes with hints to where she can find the surprise. Another way would be booking a lovely location with stunning views and decorations, where you can surprise her. Last but not least – you do not even need to go far and spend a lot of money. Another option could be hiding the gift amongst her things or even in a simple box of chocolates. Let her come across it without any expectations. She will be in awe!

Remember even if your loved one is not near you, that should not stop you from making her feel special. You can always arrange a mysterious delivery or even ask her to pick up something for you. At the end she will realize that this is a gift for her! And as we mentioned earlier, the most important thing in whatever you do is to do it with love!


With Love,



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