22K Bracelet Archives - Official jewelry online store of Atasay in UAE
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22K Bracelet Archives - Official jewelry online store of Atasay in UAE

Zodiacal Gemstones

Gemstones transport us into a shimmering world of colors. The precious gems are considered highly symbolic, powerful and even healing. Each of them can be worn in various forms for any special occasion or on a daily basis. The common belief is that every astrological sign is linked to a gemstone on Earth that enables […]

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Top 5 Ramadan Jewelry Trends

Ramadan is one of the most festive seasons throughout the year. Iftars, suhoors, family gatherings: it is the time to dress up and celebrate every day of the month. The Arabic treats and decorations will inspire you to dress and shine accordingly! We will help you with some inspiration for jewelry trends this Ramadan.   […]

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Golden Outlet – Best Chance for Best Prices

We have amazing news for you! You can now shop for the gold jewelry at a much lower price. Visit the outlet section in the online store to see the unique designs available! Hurry up as it might be your last chance! The jewelry pieces range from a variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Moreover, […]

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The Queen Bee

The most powerful and influential bee in the hive – The Queen Bee. She is the mother of all the other bees in the entire swarm. It is almost like a monarchy, she was born from another Queen Bee and raised in a royal way. Even her diet and lifestyle is special and like no […]

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The Power of Symbols

The most awaited time of the year has arrived for Atasay – the launch of the Mystique collection. It is one of the top collections representing inner peace, healing, and the power within us. Especially after a challenging period, our aim is to inspire and fill you up with precious energy. The colors, the designs, […]

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The Story of Rosaries

Rosary, also known as the prayer beads, are used across a variety of religions. Gold, turquoise, sapphire, the designs and budgets for rosaries are limitless. Across the Middle East, the prayer beads are also called the subha or misbaha. Used for prayers and disconnecting from the world, you can notice the beads hanging out of […]

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Things to Know Before Buying Earrings for Kids

With all the love in the world that we have for our children, we want to add to their happiness everyday. One of the ways to do so is to get them a pair of cute earrings to add to their outfit and also become a memory of their childhood. There are a few things […]

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How to Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling?

Selecting and buying diamond jewelry that can last for generations to come is one of the most exciting experiences! What is even more thrilling is to see the smile of happiness on the faces of your loved ones, who were surprised with such a gift. However, you will have to invest some time into maintaining […]

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Selecting Your Ideal Wedding Ring

The special day of your life is nearly here. Every detail matters, and the most important one is your wedding ring. Throughout history and up to modern day, wedding rings were considered a symbol of loyalty, love and faithfulness. Although most discussions center around engagement rings, it is the wedding rings that will be worn […]

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